Why you should always use a structured wiring company

“We thought we could do it ourselves.”

Reasons why you should always use a professional structured wiring company for your office data and network cabling.

That’s the most common reason customers give us when they approach us to come in and help fix their office wiring nightmares. Yet in all our 20 years of business, where we’ve seen the rise of CAT 5, CAT 6, CAT 7, fibre optics and wireless (and the fall of many other solutions), we can say with some certainty: if your office requires any sort of cabling solution, use a professional structured wiring company!

Quality is guaranteed

Data and network cabling specialists like Cute Solutions have been around for 20+ years, so have many years of experience and are fully accredited. That means you are guaranteed a quality service, protected by various industry and consumer bodies. This peace of mind is invaluable, as it ensures your infrastructure is in safe hands.

Better use of your time, resources and budget

A company like Cute Solutions is able to identify exactly what your office or work premises require upon the first site visit, configuring structured wiring solutions that are tailored to your exact business needs. This saves you money as you do not spend it on things you don’t need. Outsourcing to us also saves you and your staff’s time, as it is our job to get your office cabling set-up and running with minimal disruption to your business, and our industry rates ensure the best competitive pricing versus doing it yourself.

You are legally obliged to

What is often the most overlooked aspect is your lease agreement or insurance protection requires you to bring in an independent structured wiring contractor to look after and maintain your data cabling. From May 2018, new government regulations will also require all businesses to follow additional data security measures, so you may also want to get ahead of the incoming queue!

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