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“No gimmicks. Real Smart Homes.”

Cute Solutions have partnered with Loxone to deliver the latest and greatest smart homes possible.

A modern home has many technologies to deliver us comfortable, safe and convenient living. It is important that the various technologies in the modern home are properly designed, installed and integrated to ensure they work together effectively.

A Real Smart Home should intelligently give the homeowner simple control over;

Lighting, Heating, Security, Audio, CCTV, Access… and more!


The lighting design for a home can make the difference between a beautiful home and a truly stunning interior.

A great lighting design brings together various types of lighting and ensures they are working in harmony to enhance the space.

For practical tasks such as preparing food the lighting design should provide ample task lighting but when the meal is served, a simple tap of a button transforms the space into an elegantly lit dining space that subtly accents the interior of the home and enhances the users dining experience.

Lighting Control

To ensure that the lighting design of a building is easy to use and effective it is essential that the controls are intuitive and simple so that users can quickly trigger the perfect blend of lighting that they need.

A Smart Home from Cute Solutions ensures that the lighting in the home is easily controlled and seamlessly combines all types of lighting around the home. Downlights, LED tape, Coloured lights, floor lights and more can all be perfectly integrated to your Smart Home to give you a single controller for all lights.

Tap the switch by the door to quickly blend all the lights in the space to a predefined scene or use your smartphone to adjust any of the light in the space and create a new, unique blend of lights.

Lighting Automation

A Real Smart Home can also intelligently automate much of the lighting around the building.

By walking into the bathroom the lights will automatically be brought on to the perfect, pre-configured light scene. After a defined period of no presence in the room the lights will automatically switch off, but don’t worry, Cute Solutions configure all lighting to make sure the lights won’t turn off before you are ready for them to.

It is also possible to change what scene automatically comes on based on criteria such as time of day. So a midnight trip to the loo will only bring on a low level, dimmed lighting in hallways and bathrooms.


The temperature of a building is essential in creating a comfortable environment for your family and guests.

With a zoned heating system your home will deliver maximum comfort for maximum efficiency.

This is achieved by only warming the rooms that are in use at the various times of the day.

For example, bedrooms are warmed for the morning wake up routine, and at the end of the day for bedtime, but during the day when they are not in use they are automatically kept at a more efficient setback temperature.

Also, should certain rooms require active cooling such as air conditioning, it is important that the two systems are not working against each other and wasting energy doing so.

Heating Control

Control of your home’s heating is achieved by using the app on your smartphone to set schedules for the rooms and adjust the set point that each is working towards. When it is time for the family holiday, the app can also be used to activate an ‘away mode’ so the whole house set point is reduced to a lowered temperature to save energy but still protect the heating system and the building.

Heating Automation

The heating system will automatically look after the building and the occupants based on the configured times and temperatures that are set by the user. With the flexibility of a Smart Home from Cute Solutions, some advanced automation can be created to suit any bespoke requirements for your home.


A Real Smart home should also be a Real safe home.

By utilising the same sensors and other hardware that the Smart Home system uses for the lighting automation we can ensure your home is secured and monitored when no one is home.

Motion sensors monitor for any unwanted intruders in the building and if they detect someone entering the building will enact a number of impression actions to deter intruders, and draw attention to the fact there has been an intrusion.

First, the building will alert all app users to the alarm triggering, then all lights in the building will be switched on and alarm sounds will play throughout the home.

The alarm trigger can also phone users, open blinds, open gates and much more.

Security Control

Alarms are simple to arm, a single switch function beside exits can arm the alarm on exit. When users return to the building there are a number of ways to disarm the alarm such as highly secure keyfobs, numeric keypad entries, fingerprint technology and many others. Cute Solutions are able to provide advice on the most suitable methods of alarm disarming.

Security Automation

Whilst most alarm arming actions are best triggered as and when the building is vacated/returned to there is the option to create intelligently automated alarm arming criteria. For example, if no motion has been sensed for an hour downstairs and it reaches midnight, arm downstairs alarm zone. Cute Solutions can provide any custom configuration

What Else….

Multi-Room Audio

Beach boys in the bathroom, killers in the kitchen and lady gaga in the living room – not a problem with a multi-room audio system designed and installed by Cute Solutions. With a fully integrated Smart Home get doorbell notifications and other essential alerts through your multiroom audio system as well.


Being able to check up on your home CCTV cameras gives complete peace of mind. Cute Solutions offer a range of top quality, crystal clear, remote access security camera systems to suit all requirements. Keep an eye on the driveway, garden, hallway, back door, pets – Anything!


Know who is at your door from anywhere on the planet! (provided you have a mobile internet connection that is) See who is at the door, speak to them via the app, and even open the door to let them in, great for when you have guests arriving and can’t get away from the barbeque.

Energy Monitoring

Keep an eye on the energy consumption of your home with accurate energy monitoring solutions that are integrated with your Smart Home system.

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